General Manager

Niko is an RGC success story.
Starting out as form-worker with PMG (a pre RGC creation Company) in 2007. Niko swiftly moved into team leadership. His excellent communication skills, high intelligence & outstanding leadership attributes meant that within the space of a decade he was leading his division. As Niko applied himself to this Senior Management role at RGC his division became the safest, most productive, most engaged & most profitable unit within the organisation.

Niko is a humble, honest, open leader & an excellent communicator & it was with great pride that he was invited to become the GM of RGC at the beginning of 2020. This was unanimously supported by the Senior Management team & he has gone on to perform outstandingly in the role.
Niko has an in-depth understanding of all our systems & processes from ISO 45001 (OH&S) to Greentree (financial Software) he is a leader in introducing new technology into RGC & is as comfortable generating a PowerPoint presentation as he is inspecting a building site.
Having a General Manager that understands not only the team dynamic but has in depth expertise in our workload & construction, combined with the fact that he was an instrumental leader in the foundation of RGC itself means that at the very senior level RGC is well placed for long term sustained success.

Key qualifications

  • ACL (Action Centred Leadership) Training
  • Good to Great Training
  • Team One Training

Niko Va'aelua

General Manager

office: 09 526 5800

mobile: 0274 923 517


170 Marua Road,
Mount Wellington,
Auckland 1051