Pouring concrete is just the beginning. Once you have your concrete in place, you will almost certainly need to cut and drill it. That’s when the RGC Concrete Cutting & Drilling specialists come to the fore. ‘The Cutters’, as they’re universally known, are the team to call when you want to get things right first time. They take pride in their jobs so you can take pride in the end result.


At RGC we’ve invested in our in-house concrete cutting and drilling capability to ensure the right level of support to all our business units. Decorative concrete cutting is one of our specialities, along with a full complement of concrete core drilling equipment and specialist cores for any oversized jobs. With the equipment to complete floor sawing, hand sawing and wall sawing tasks, they also operate soft cutting and hydraulic machines for those internal jobs in tight spaces.

If you want to discuss your next project or simply explore some options, we're always ready to talk.

Ivala Vaaelua

Concrete Cutting Division Manager

office: 09 526 5800

mobile: 021 203 8064

mail: ivala.vaaelua@rgc.co.nz

170 Marua Road,
Mount Wellington,
Auckland 1051